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5 tips to enhance the Feng Shui of your business with art

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Five Tips to Enhance the Feng Shui of Your Business Space with Art

By Sydney L. from Crazy Fish Artworks



Art is not just a decorative tool for your business space, although certainly it plays an important part of blending in with surroundings and making an inviting and comfortable space. But do you know art also can help to bring the good Feng Shui - the positive energy into your business space to attract new opportunities and connections, to help your business grow, flourish, and succeed? It is one of the easiest ways to enhance the Feng Shui in your space. But you need to have some Feng Shui guidelines in your minds when you place the artworks in your business space. Here are some tips:


1. Southeast area presents Prosperity and Abundance - the Wealth & Money area of your business

The element of this area is Wood. And Wood is strengthened by Water (which nourishes the Wood) and by Earth (which gives the Wood a firm foundation to grow). Paintings of water, ocean, forests, parks, vibrant green leaves, trees, grass, natural landscapes, sandy beaches, etc would be perfect to bring the Feng Shui energy of the Wood element to this area. You can also bring a splash of red to activate the area like the painting “Blue Ocean Red Sails” from Crazy Fish Artworks (Ref. No.: CF03488). But just to be sure, that this is just a color splash, and not the main color for this area. 

Blue Ocean Red Sails, $865.00
                           Path, $368.00                                           Dream of Wonderland,  $198.00


2. South area is “Your Light of the World”

The element of this area is Fire – it is the Fame and Reputation area for your business. Warm colors will be the ideal choice for this area. For example, a painting of wine in red colors such as the “Fire in the Wine Glasses” from Crazy Fish Artworks (Ref. No: CF02966) will stimulate the energy flow in a restaurant to create a welcome ambience for all the guests. And a painting of forest, especially with the orange leaves such as the “Autumn Leaves” from Crazy Fish Artworks (Ref. CF02975) is another good choice as the Wood will inspire the Fire.

                   Fire in the Wine Glasses, $115.00                                 Autumn Leaves, $366.00

3. North area is the Water element of Feng Shui

The best painting to be placed in the area is in black & white colors, as well as metal colors - Metal creates Water in the Feng Shui 5 elements cycle. And a painting related to water is a good option too. “The Iron Jaguar” (Ref. No.:CF04066 from Crazy Fish Artworks) is perfect for the Water area – not just the metal colors but also the wavy shape (Water element) of the three panels.

                    The Iron Jaguar, $336                                                    Wave, $228

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