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    DECORATION IDEAS >> Tips & Tricks >> Ten Creative Ideas on How to Hang Family Photos in Creative Ways

Ten Creative Ideas on How to Hang Family Photos in Creative Ways

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Courtesy of peltierinteriors.com

27 Feb. 2013 Filed by Crazy Fish


In response to my post on artwork earlier this week, I have gathered a few great ideas on how to display your family photos without cluttering your table tops.

I have a little boy who is more than curious and I needed to make a few of these changes myself.  I realized when he turned one that I was going to have to make some sacrifices.  I’m not talking about losing sleep or my sanity (although I have had to make those sacrifices too). I am talking about un-decorating my home.  I had visions of raising a child that just knew not to touch my accessories, or anything else on the top of a table for that matter.  But instead I was blessed with an active toddler who thinks everything is fair game.  So, around his first birthday I had to remove everything off of my tables.  That included lamps and books, vases and candles.  That also included my photo frames.  In my house, unless a surface is higher than 35″ off the ground, it can’t have ANYTHING on it. To most people that’s no big deal, they don’t even have accessories anyways, but to a designer it’s devastating.  I constantly feel as if my room is unfinished and cant wait for the day I can open up those stored  boxes full of accessories and re-decorate my home once again.  But most of my clients, friends and family have plenty of family photos around the house and I cant be the only with a toddler who has to put these things away.  So I have come up with some creative ideas on how to hang family photos on your walls.

1.  Hang family photos vertically.

I love how these portraits are hung vertically on a narrow wall.  All of the frames match and they fill up that nook perfectly.  A great idea that anyone can work into their home.  You can find inexpensive frames at IKEA, Joann’s or Michael’s.

Traditional living room by Erica George Dines Photography Love this verticle hanging arrangement on a narrow wall. You could put a photo of each of your family members or even pets. Its so stylish a professional looking, much more than a cluttered grouping of photo frames on a table.

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