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Three Elements Create a Beautiful Room

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29 Dec. 2010 Filed by Crazy Fish


A simple Three-Step Method for designing a beautiful room:


1. A beautiful room is functional.

2. A beautiful room expresses a mood.

3. A beautiful room exhibits a sense of harmony.

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What Is The Function Of The Room?


What's the function of the room to be decorated? If it's the kitchen, then its first function is to serve as a working space where meals are prepared. Fulfilling this function means looking such details as workflow and workspace. In workflow, decorators rely on something known as "the kitchen triangle." This design is the optimum arrangement for working smoothly from refrigerator to sink to stove and back again. Workspace takes into account not only the traffic areas of the kitchen, but also things such as adequate counter space for preparation and good lighting.


Some kitchens may also have eating areas, such as a breakfast nook or a bar with stools. While attached to the kitchen, these areas have a different function – eating food that's been prepared in the kitchen. Therefore, different objectives come into play, such as adequate room for people to sit down and enjoy their meals. At the same time, these two spaces have complementary functions – preparing food and eating food – which means the two spaces should work together in their decor, not against one another.


What Is The Mood You Wish To Create?


This element of home design focuses on how a room feels when a person first enters it, and how they feel after spending some time in it. Often a room's mood is intimately connected to its color scheme. A room that's deck out in shades of green and blue is likely  to be a restful place, whereas a kitchen done up in red and yellow is likely to stimulate appetites. Other ways to set the mood of a room is whether accessories such as pillows, area rugs, wall decorations and displays of photographs or collections. A home's decor works best when it reflects the interests of its inhabitants, which in turn sets the room's mood. Whether the room holds groups of family photos or collections of figurines, the goal is to give each room a bit of the homeowner's distinctive personality.


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