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What is Design Your Own?
You dream it, we create it!
When you are browsing the paintings in our galleries or going through our design pictures on the website, this could happen:
“This is exactly what I want. The color is going to match perfectly with the furniture in our bedroom. But it seems it would be too big to fit the wall.”
“The flowers in the painting look amazing and it caught my eyes in the first second. Everything is good except the dark blue background, there is no such color in our house to match it.”
“Colors are just amazing, and size is just perfect, but I like the lines to go from left to right instead of right to left in the original painting ……”
During years of artwork transaction experience, we noticed that situations like this frequently occurred among our customers. It would be a little bitter to give up a painting that you are totally fascinated with only because of problem with a tiny small factor.
Therefore, we contributed great effort to develop the DYO product range in order to improve our service quality and enhance customer satisfaction. Situations listed above can be well resolved by DYO and there is much more that DYO can achieve to satisfy customers’ personalized needs. DYO basically means that customers can make changes to our existing designs to meet their personalized needs. The changes can be made with regard to any or all of the following aspects --- color, size and design.
Bring your thoughts to actions, and try our fabulous DYO now!