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It's under structures, wood, floor. Basically it's a giant slab of concrete with a wooden floor on top of it, but it can be placed any amount in the ground. This makes it so you can fill in the two giant holes that make the area look junky.

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Computer on carpet. By olivierb · 11 If you are concerned about static, seat the tower with a slab of wood between it and the carpet an old shelf would suffice . A more dangerous situation

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The Milton home's current owners let investigators into the basement, where they found "highly suspicious construction," including a concrete floor that was added on, with portions of what

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If you're main entrance is at any level and you can go downstairs, it's essentially a basement. Any settlement with slopes works best for this and the basement can have a grass, dirt or sand floor if you plan it out well.

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In the basement, a slab has been poured, electrical service updated and water service is under way. Season 27, Episode 21. February 25, 2006. foam Season 27, Episode 21. February 25, 2006. foam insulation is installed in a house;