post and beam floor

The bizarre tale of the flat-Earth convention that fell

The above image was my first introduction to "A FLAT EARTH GATHERING," an event for Australians who believe the Earth is flat. It appeared in a post to the "I Fucking Love Science" Facebook page.

This Old House

The This Old House crew looks the old structure over, including the massive post-and-beam barn on the property. The diagnosis: questionable room layout for modern life, some rot, but a remarkable

Small Post and Beam Cabin Kits

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration FAQ

Rotate the trebuchet left until you spot a roped post and then cross the beam and connect the post to the front of the trebuchet. Jump back and continue to rotate the trebuchet left, causing the rope to break away the debris blocking the trebuchet's arm, and then aim for the final Signal Fire 05/05 to the right of the main gate.

William Kristel

Modernist architect William Krisel November 14, 1924-June 5, 2017 would design 40,000 tract homes, imbued with now-iconic Southern California touches such as butterfly roofs, post-and-beam

Help identifying beams and Guard Posts? Assassin's Creed

One would assume that a beam is a length of wood running across a gap, but this does not seem to be the case. One would also assume that a "Guard Post" is where guards are posted, but that too seems to not be correct.

Watch Stone House Revival Episodes on DIY Season 3 2018

Jeff and his team uncover a historic stone path; re-create the original shutters; and build a post and beam style front porch. They also add a rustic entertainment area. They also add a rustic

Home Again with Bob Vila: Dream Garage: Project Introduction

Plans for a post-and-beam garage and boat storage project are discussed with an architect. Also: touring a marina with America's Cup champ Bill Koch.

Watch Stone House Revival Season 3 Episode 3: 1802

Jeff Devlin is called on to restore the exterior of an 1802 farmhouse. Jeff and his team uncover a historic stone path; re-create the original shutters; and build a post and beam style front porch

Olympic Gymnastics Judges Booed

After the gymnasts cleared the floor, the judges followed them off and were greeted again by boos. During the medals ceremony, officials put the silver around Hamm and the gesture was greeted with

Beam D

Beam D is a tool to help lighting designers visualize lighting coverage in plan view. It is a VectorWorks Plug-In Object which ds the beam oval at head height, and it can also show the same

Watch The This Old House Hour Episodes on Season 2 2004

Below, cedar roof beams have been exposed and reinforced, a second-floor kitchen and bath have been removed, and excavation for an addition has been completed. But the building permit for that

Pokemon FireRed FAQ Topic Please Read Before Posting

In the first floor, there is an old woman. Talk to her, and she will give you the Tea item. Go to any of the 4 guards and give him the Tea item. He shall share it to all the other guards, and you will have access to Saffron City.

Home Again with Bob Vila: Dream Garage: Framing the Garage

A look at framing, and the special techniques and tools that are used for it. Also: a tour of a lumber company examines pre-cut materials for the post-and-beam plan.

This Old House

In his Alstead, New Hampsire, workshop, timber-framer Tedd Benson shows us how traditional post-and-beam buildings are designed using computer-aided-design technology. more less The Concord House