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On the plus side for wealth sims in this game, they gain an extremely big benefit from the inventory, so much that it feels like you are cheating. When you stash an object, say an expensive painting away in their inventory, their want to buy it again will be renewed for you to quench again. Additionally, object's values don't depreciate in the inventory, so you can easily exploit the wealth

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The panel itself is easy to spot, as it gives the phone a distinctive two-toned look between the glass and the aluminum. It also has a functional benefit of providing the phones six antennas

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Now you need to "operate" the tongue and quickly swing to the other side and operate that one BEFORE the first have finished rotating. If you do it right, a new cutscene will show a statue raising from the lower floor, then the camera will show you a button near that statue. Also, you have another clue to read in the wall just in front of you. It says: "The risen Athena turns to face the Sun,

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However, if you throw a bomb into it's mouth while it is open like this, then it will swallow it, and indigestion plus the explosion will stun it again, allowing you to strike it once. You can also Z-Target onto the frog's tongue and just use your hidden skill to injure it. Repeat the process two or three more times to win. After you win, open the chest to obtain the Clawshot. Equip it, then

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For The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the GameCube, FAQ/Walkthrough by Banjo 2553.

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