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Architect picks for the 14 best homes of the year

The jurors focused less on style -- for example, traditional or modern -- and more on innovation in the design and how the homes fit the residents' needs and the demands of the environment in

10 "McModerns" that are taking over from McMansions

The house features an open floor plan, a walk-in closet, large master bath, modern lighting and an iron front gate. Bellevue, Washington Photo courtesy of Zillow

10 homes you can buy for $1 million

Homes at that price are more than The building has a 24-hour doorman, a landscaped rooftop deck, a laundry room and bike storage. Los Angeles, California Photo courtesy of Zillow This three

Designers' Challenge Episodes TV Guide

Comfortable, Inviting Deck June 22, 2006 A San Francisco homeowner wants a roof deck to enhance his stunning views of the city and to feature a kitchen, fireplace and hot tub.

5 homes on the market designed by famous architects

The homes aesthetic is known as a Usonian Automatic, a term Wright used to describe his own middle-income homes built with concrete blocks. On the Tonkens home, he used 11 different

Rooftop or garden dining in DC?

Read page 2 of the Rooftop or garden dining in DC? discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Washington Dc food community. Join the discussion today.

10 biggest U.S. homes on the market

10 biggest U.S. homes on the market. Winged estate . Perhaps the largest homes in Philadelphia, this $14 million modern estate has 36,957 square feet and is divided into three wings over 29 acres.

2015 Ford Edge Titanium CNET On Cars, Episode 70

SOUND Ford Edge, renewed for the first time, but with one old thing we don't like. The future of the turbo charger is electric, and why you care.