affordable deck coverings material

How to extend your Wi-Fi outdoors

An affordable three-piece system, like Google Wifi, covers 1,500 square feet per unit and will cost you around $300 £329, AU$499 , plus $125 for each additional unit.

The best location for your router for actually good Wi-Fi

It may require manually running a CAT5 cable under the floor or enlisting the help of powerline network adapters. But the improved wireless coverage will be worth it. But the improved wireless

Graphic Design Software

Affordable CAD Software Alternatives to AutoCAD. CAD or computer-aided design software enhances design creation, modification, analysis, and optimization with increased speed and quality.

Palm Pre 2 Verizon Wireless review: Palm Pre 2 Verizon

The Palm Pre 2 comes packaged with an AC adapter, a USB cable, a wired stereo headset, and reference material. WebOS 2.0 Though the Palm Pre 2 doesn't reflect a lot of design changes, there are

Inside a nuclear power plant photos

CNET's Martin LaMonica reports on a tour of the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant, one of 104 such plants that supply 20 percent of the electricity in the U.S.

White House restores Jim Acosta's press pass, but

The White House has restored the press credentials of CNN's chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, and as a result, CNN will drop its lawsuit against the Trump administration, the network

Trump and Saudi Arabia: Deep business ties spark new

NEW YORK He has booked hotel rooms and meeting spaces to them, sold an entire floor in one of his buildings to them and, in desperate moments in his career, gotten a billionaire from the

2019 Volvo XC40 Review: Like and subscribe

We cover it all, click your The R-Design can also be optioned with the super cool orange lava interior accents on the floor carpets, door trim and transmission tunnel -- a material which, no

Boeings, bombers and biplanes at the Seattle Museum of

The first floor is all about WWII aircraft, and there's a great mix of expected and unexpected planes. A perfectly preserved P-51, P-47, P-40 and P-38 sit on the floor or hang from the ceiling

10 home design trends to ditch in 2015

Brass hardware -- out. Big showers -- in. Home design trends may come and go, but homeowners are always looking for inexpensive, easy ways to increase their property's value. Some of those trends

A no-fuss solar-powered building

The Boston team in the Solar Decathlon competition is shooting for affordability. Apart from the solar panels, they are using almost entirely building materials that can be found at local hardware

Palm Pixi Plus review: Palm Pixi Plus

The Good For a compact, entry-level smartphone, the Palm Pixi Plus offers a good number of features including Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS, as well as the benefits that come from running Palm WebOS.

'Demanufacturing' e-waste for profit photos

A small recycling company focuses on responsible electronics disposal by dismantling everything and pulling out high-value materials, including precious metals, in all manner of electronics.

Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases

Incase's Protective Cover $25 -- £20 or AU$32 converted is a slim, flexible translucent case that's available in seven tinted color options. It has a nice, grippy feel to it and Incase warns