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There are flooring materials of varying qualities available for today's homes. You may also need to factor the cost of removing the existing flooring into the job. Get an idea of how much it will cost using our estimator below.

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· Sanding and 2 coats of hardwax oil from £19.00 per m2 · Sanding and 3 coats of wood floor oil from £19.00 per m2 · Staining / colouring/ dyeing from £4.00 per m2 per coat · Lime washing / liming / whitening from £4.00 per m2 per coat · Gap Filling 1 = sawdust resin from £4.00 per m2 for gaps up to 5mm

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Our Sanding and Sealing Charges are calculated by the metre squared or m2, and includes a full sand off back to the bare wood, which will usually involve four or five sanding processes and is usually finished off with 120 grit abrasive to leave the floor surface very smooth prior to the application of the lacquer or Oil system the clients have chosen.

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Sanding is easy, depending on the state of the floor you have to use a strong grade of sandpaper, these floors required sanding of 24 grit and I finished off with 120 grit. Also make sure you hammer down or remove any nails poking up as one stray nail will rip your drum paper to shreds.

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The cost of wood flooring per meter depends on the wood flooring cost, and the subfloor preparation, we will give you a written quotation on timber flooring prices. The cost of refinishing your floor depends on how much sanding is required, gap filling and nail holes, then the type of protection you choose to refinish your floors such as

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per m2. Floor Sanding and Refinishing All preparation is also included, as with our floor sanding service, plus refinishing with a clear wax, varnish or oil. This is available in matt, satin or gloss finishes. with our basic price including one step and one riser, so you can easily calculate the estimated cost for any full staircase.

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We specialise in domestic and offer consulting solution for all your flooring requirements. We also offer helpful advise on choosing suitable timber floors, maintenance, timber colour selections and floor sanding and polishing. Sand and polishing all types of timber flooring. Email for a quote. Mention this ad will offer you a saving per m2.

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Cost per state. In Queensland, the average cost of timber floor sanding is $27.50/m2. This is just slightly lower than New South Wales $28/m2 rate. Meanwhile, in Western Australia, residents are paying approximately $33/m2 for the same type of services. Victoria, on the other hand, has the lowest average rate for timber floor sanding at $25/m2.

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Cost to hire with sanding sheets was about £150. Cost of Osmo about £200. Other than the incident where I hadn't attached the handle properly and the great big heavy sanding hoover part careered off down one of the bedrooms to the front wall bending a radiator pipe it was fine.

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When it comes to hiring a professional, timber floor polishing can be surprisingly inexpensive Prices for sanding and polishing start at about $30 per square metre m2 plus GST and go up to around $50 per square metre plus GST. The difference will depend on the condition of the floor and the type of polish required.

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In Cork city, floor sanding prices are usually estimated on a per square meter cost. This standard is followed by all the companies in the region whether it is Cork, limerick or Waterford, most professionals will cost it on a per square meter. Average price of floor sanding in Cork

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Prices for floor sanding, restoration and staining services in London. Please consider the following prices as guidelines. The costs of any project depend on several factors and we take these into account when giving you a final quote.

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Extra Costs. Gap filling with wooden fillets approx cost £10 per m2 Fire heath removal approximate cost £250 VAT Replacement floor boards reclaimed timber approximate cost £15 VAT per linear meter length of the board Hardwax oil/ wax Cost is very similar to lacquer but for more information please call 0845 00 38 247

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Here you will find all our prices for our services including sanding, refinishing, staining, resin and fine saw dust, floor leveling, dust free sanding

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Cost of Floor Sanding per Square Meter Our rates are: $31.50 per sqm, but I'd be charging around $25 per sqm for 130 sqm floor. So the $4k quotes, are a little on the high side, but those floorsanders are probably really busy that's why they are charging that. They don't need the work.

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Cost per sq ft or metre for floor sanding and varnishing SE England I've just got a man in North Herts arranged to do a 24sq meter bedroom/walk in wardrobe for £550 all in. Sanding, filling and finishing. Add message Report. FishfingersAreOK Sat 10-Nov-12 10:33:39.

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Use our online flooring calculator to help determine the cost of flooring your home. Whether you are installing carpet, timber floors, vinyl flooring or tiles in your home - the Bunnings Flooring Calculator will help you calculate the size and cost of your flooring project quickly and easily. Flooring cost per square metre per m 2: Total

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Economy floor sanding Brisbane offer free onsite inspections and written quotes. This is the best way to calculate the costs of your floor sanding project. Floor sanding and polishing cost per m2 can start at around $25 plus GST for a new floor. In contrast, it can reach $40 plus m2 for a floor in poor condition.

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Floor sanding and polishing is best carried out by an experienced floor sander. Floor sanding costs will vary depending on finnish required. New Dustless Floor Sanding Machines provide a cleaner alternative to older floor sanding machines. We provide some floor sanding tips and a basic guide to floor sanding costs. Floor sanding equipment

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Timber flooring all our flooring is processed at mill in the northern rivers area just south of and shipped australia wide see more on timber salvage sources cost to

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For example, costs per square metre will probably be less if more than one room is to be treated. Floor Sanding Company Dublin Sanding Wood Floors Dublin Floor Sanding Services Dublin Floor Sanding South Dublin Floor Sanding Company South Dublin Sanding Wood Floors South Dublin Floor Sanding North Dublin Floor

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Average price of floor sanding in Dublin. What can you expect to pay around an average of 20 euros per square meter. This cost is for sanding only and any repairs and add-on work would usually be extra. This usually includes all materials and labor, full floor sanding and varnish finish usually two to three coats of varnish.