veranda railing crush block

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks FAQ/Walkthrough for DS

With the stone block, pull it south twice, push it east, then north twice, and push it east along the corridor to block the flamethrower. Go south. You'll need to reach the other side, but there are hidden pitfalls. The safe route is: all the way south, west one block, north, west, south all the way, west, and north upstairs. 2F -- Jump on the cart. As you go along this one, there will be a

Far Cry 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by SENIORBILL

Interact with the electrical box on the railing to deactivate the scrambler. You will be treated to a panoramic view of portions of the surrounding sector, frequently highlighting noteworthy locations. Take note of the black smoke column to the north. Hostile outposts can be identified by these columns. Raid the crate and use the support cable, which acts as a zipline, to return to ground

Paper Mario FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by bananagirl

Fly over to the blocks on your right, hit the ? block up there for a Thunder Bolt, drop down and hit the ? block you stood on for 10 Coins. Now head right, collect the Mushroom and open the chest for the Storeroom Key, make your way to the first screen of the Toy Box, jump on the trampoline to head back to the Toad Town. Exit the house, then head off to Harry's Shop, talk to him and give him

Paper Mario FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by Banjo 2553

Talk to Goompa, he says he was fixing the veranda and it just fell Turns out, a block is blocking us here, too. We gotta find that hammer, its gotta be around. So just head to the left area. Press A in front of the bushes to search them, the hammer is in one of the far left bushes. You got the HAMMER Now you can do the hammer attack. The Hammer option is viewable in the battle

Star Wars: Battlefront II FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation

Once you get to the point where you have to blow up the clone life support pods, there's a glitch that allows Rail ARC troopers like the clone commander, only with ARC trooper armor to shoot at you through the floor of the chamber, with no where you can hide, apart from hopping on-top of a life support pod, and that'll only protect you until the troopers get through the pod, and it'll be

Tales of Symphonia FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by

Now, destroy the 2 blocks of the first row and start the machine. A boulder above will fall down and crush the bridge below. Go down the broken bridge, and up the stairs to open the chest you made fall. It contains Battle Cloak. Then, go down the stairs, and go through the door at the bottom. You'll find another pedestal to change the Sorcerer's Ring to the red electricity ray. First thing to

Star Wars: Battlefront II FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation

Special ability 1: Saber block: after pressing the primary reload button the jedi can block all incoming fire until the energy meter runs out. Special ability 2: force jump: after jumping, press the jump button again to jump in mid-air, can continue jumping until out of energy. Special ability 3: force run: press and old the dash button to run ultra fast Tips: use his small size to setup

Wild Arms Alter Code: F FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2

This is perhaps a glitch in the game's system when you use Shot command against an enemy with innate Blocker skill, and enemy blocks your shot, user's bullet count will *not* be decreased. 21. Gella Cards should be used with caution. If you sell them, they fetch 1500 gella. If boss drops 750 gella or less, it's useless to waste a Gella Card on it, so you better spare it for later bosses or

Sweet Home FAQ/Walkthrough for NES by threetimes

This is used to burn ropes that block a passage, and to light candles. Replacement: Match. Kit: Carried by Akiko. This is a medical kit which is used to heal status affects such as poison, fear and cursed. This is an essential item and is frequently needed. Replacement: Pills Camera: Carried by Taro. This is a camera which is used to take photographs of the various frescoes found in the

Marvel/DC/MK crossover story

He blocks a few of the bullets with his cape. He knocks a few of the thugs to the ground. He knocks a few of the thugs to the ground. "Don't just stand there boys, get the damn bird boy "

Irodzuki Tincle no Koi no Balloon Trip Zelda Series

Their main purpose is to block off parts of the world with refuse for the first part of the game, blocking off areas the games developers didnt want Link to visit too early. They slowly clear it away, build two houses in Hyrule Castle Town, and then take some time off. ===== C a w l i n a n d S t r i c h Gratitude facilitators Race: Hylians Appearances: Skyward Sword Second-tier bullies

Paper Mario FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by nintendo

1 Goomba Village- Right of the Heart Block in the area with the broken veranda 2 Goomba Village- Left of the main area in the place where Goombaria first found you 3 Path to Toad Town- In the grassy area east of the bridge 4 Toad Town- Across from the Dojo by the 3 sisters 5 Toad Town- At Fice T.'s guard house near entrance to Forever Forest 6 Toad Town- Southeast corner of train station

Star Wars: Battlefront II FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox by

-Mos Eisley Railing Gun Weapon: Blaster Cannon Planets Found: Mos Eisley The Railing Gun is a small turret found only in Mos Eisley. It works much like the Laser Turret, but offers even less protection. -Yavin Tower Turret Weapon: Blaster Cannon This turret is also like the Laser Turret, but puts the gunner on top of a high pole for increased visibility. That goes both ways ----- \\\\\10

Lunar Knights FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by Darth Nemesis

Earth block - Green Chest: FANG Serpent Statue x6 Urchin x3 In this room, whenever you change a switch to a particular element, all of the blocks of that element will respawn. You can use this to your advantage by blocking the Urchins on the other side. If you need specific directions: start by destroying the first block, then hit the switch. Destroy the next block to release the Urchin