vinyl panel flooring that looks like real wood

2019 Volvo XC40 First Drive Review: A big gamble pays off

The XC40 packs a solid amount of standard equipment at an equally solid base price, and it's quite nice to drive. Hell, you can even buy one like you would a Netflix account. If this doesn't get

Definitive Technology's new monitor speaker rocks the house

The medium-density fiberboard cabinet feels rock-solid, and the vinyl wood grain finish with high-gloss black baffle looks great. The rear panel houses bi-amp/bi-wire binding posts. The rear panel

CNET's Hot Tech 2010

background music >>And we'll take a look at a tour that I took of the show floor with Drew Carey, host of the Price is Right, that and more when we come back. ^M00:11:47 music ^M00:11:56

Best home renovation projects for 2013

Call in a professional and have him replace your current windows with insulated wood replacements that have vinyl or aluminum exteriors. They should wrap the existing exterior trim as required to

Easter Jeep Safari concepts include hot rods, '93 Grand

The roof panel is translucent, and Jeep replaced the doors with aluminum and vinyl units that can unzip to let in fresh air. The rear doors have a reverse hinge, because everybody loves a good set

Resident Evil 7: biohazard

The bridge here is down and looks like it needs a crank to open so we'll have to come back here at some point. Head right instead and kill the bug on the railing, then head inside the building. Here, grab the HERB on the left but more importantly grab the very important BURNER NOZZLE You can combine this with the Burner Grip from earlier for the BURNER weapon. Hehe we now have