dustproof meeting room vinyl floor

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Renovating to Sell

Change the color of your floors. Paint colors go in and out of fashion, but an older white or off-white is not going to kill you. However, a golden floor where the fashion is either white or

How a dismissal, fatherhood and Creighton helped Marcus

The family replaced a section of the living room carpet with vinyl flooring so Marcus could have better dribbling space inside the house. One day after a shift at the factory, his father came home

Apple iOS 11.3 will pack ARKit 1.5 to boost augmented

Tapping a button let me exit the video and shrink the module down onto a conference room table to get a better look at it. The third feature with ARKit 1.5 is higher resolution for what you're

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Their meeting would begin a partnership that will give hope to others like them who have experienced the difficulties of homelessness. Steve Hartman reports. Steve Hartman reports.

Lumber Liquidators: Our floors won't make you sick

Lumber Liquidators has a message for customers and shareholders: The flooring company's products are safe, and it's willing to back up that claim by testing and, if necessary, replacing them.

Nethercutt Museum and Collection: Classic cars, trains

Beautiful cars. The guided tour of the Nethercutt Collection begins here. The Collection's main d is an assortment of cars from 100-plus years of motoring, all immaculate and in good working order.

New gizmos to help do old household chores

The meeting between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un began with smiles and anticipation. It ended with limited explanations and a foggy future. "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret

Inside Google workplaces, from perks to nap pods

Inside the living lab, Radcliffe's team tests everything, from floor to ceiling. Diner booths, it turns out, can work better than traditional conference rooms. Diner booths, it turns out, can work

Buzz Out Loud Ep. 1587: Buzz Out Loud is Dangerously

Today is Thursday march 20 ninth 2012. My name -- Steven -- of I'm Donald bell and I am Brian's uncle welcome the buzz out loud is cnet's podcast of indeterminate Blake it is episode 1587.

Egg freezing benefits are the new trend in Silicon

Facebook was the first tech company to announce it would pay for egg freezing -- both for female staff and the spouses of its employees. That was in 2014.