pool deck drainage strips

Supergirl Character

Luthor uses the false Rao-corpse and time pool technology to turn Earth's sun red. Flamebird takes off into space and dives into the sun. She pushes herself and destroys the Rao bomb.

Ravensword: Shadowlands FAQ/Walkthrough for iOS iPhone

The prince will strip you of all your possessions no runes, jewelry, or armor . You'll fight him with just an elven dagger, so you need sufficient Strength to beat him. It may take one or two tries before you succeed. Third Ravenstone The game then moves you to the entrance to the tunnels. 35. The best loot in the game is the ten or twelve elven bows, each worth about 650 gold. Ignore the

Myst FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Admiral

This will drain the water flooding the passageways to the brothers' rooms. The first tunnel nearest to the starting point takes you to Sirrus's room, and this is as good a place to start as any. Enter the tunnel and walk down the stairs, through many screens. Eventually you will come to a gray metal door, with a button in the middle the door likely sealed off the room to prevent the flooding

Tony Hawk's Underground Secrets FAQ for PlayStation 2 by

The Pool area is to the left and the Basketball Court is to the right. There is a triple deck on the side of the empty pool inside the Pool area . There is a funbox, bleachers, and kickers on the Basketball Court. VENSA ----- V E N I C E S E C R E T A R E A S ----- ----- Venice Secret Area 1 ----- This a mid-size secret area. Immediately from the starting point, turn left and go down

Darth Vader Respect Thread Part 1

Darth Vader is one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars mythos, so i decided to create a respect thread for him. To be fair, I also want to give

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough

The pool will drain, and you can use the bomb to reveal a secret room behind the far wall. Inside you'll find a hole that contains the last piece of the key. Take your key back to the temple, and

Tony Hawk's Project 8 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

Tool The Pool- Drain the pool in the school by grinding the red levers. Three of the levers are on the walls right outside of the pool and the other one is up on the balcony behind the high dive. This is a secret spot goal. School Spirit- The first puzzle goal. Use kickers to line up your jump so you can stickerslap the banners. Put the kickers in front of the banners but not directly in front


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In extreme cold weather like the recent polar vortex, frostbite can set in within minutes and hypothermia may be life-threatening; here's what you need to know to stay safe.

MediEvil FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by Mirrorstar

At the pool of lava, go to the right and up the steps. Go to the left all the way to the corner, where a chest is located, and then drop down the slope. Explore this area. In the chest, you will find a CLUB. Read the THIRD BOOK. There is a percentage with the Club. This tells you how much Club you have left before it will break. The Square button aids you in setting things and enemies on fire