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Whenever you speak to Roll to develop Special Weapons, you'll learn that she got a new tool kit, letting her shave 10% off her prices. That 10% may not seem like much. But look at it this way: 10% off of maxing the Shining Laser is something like 1,825,000 Zenny off.

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With that, examine the closet behind him to get a Deck Brush weapon for Jade , and then head downstairs and pick up the green book to learn the recipe for Ramen. Do go ahead and talk to Tear, but she doesn't intend to go to the Outer Lands. And nope, it's not because she loves a bastard like Luke or anything. Really. But with that, head outside and talk to Natalia, but then head over to the

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The Power of XION

The Power of ION, Xander read aloud Looking on the back for the price. Remembering he still had the cash in his wallet that he saved from the costume shop, Xander fished out his wallet and