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Panasonic TH-PH10UK review: Panasonic TH-PH10UK

The component- and composite-video ports don't use standard RCA-style connectors. You'll have to buy inexpensive adapters, available at any Radio Shack, to allow the BNC-style jacks to accept RCA

Samsung UNB7000 series photos

The back panel also includes a VGA-style PC input and a single component-video input that can be converted to accept composite video instead. An RF input for antenna or cable and the Ethernet port

Panasonic TH-PF11UK review: Panasonic TH-PF11UK

The panel measures 47.7 inches wide by 28.5 inches tall by 3.8 inches thick and weighs a hefty 79.4 pounds. It's built like a tank. It's built like a tank. The TH-50PH11UK does not come with a

HP 2311xi review: HP 2311xi

DisplayMate: The 2311xi displayed light gray up to level 254. Level 255 is considered white, and every level between it and 1 is a variation of gray. This beats the white-level saturation

Canon FS review: Canon FS

Weighing only 10.7 ounces and fitting comfortably into the palm of a hand--one my size, at least--the FS is, for the most part, quite well designed.

Asus VE276Q review: Asus VE276Q

The display posted a composite score of 82 on CNET Labs' DisplayMate-based performance tests--a few points lower than the BenQ M2700HD's 87. Even after calibration, the VE276Q crushed dark gray in

Panasonic TH-PD7UY review: Panasonic TH-PD7UY

The panel offers three aspect-ratio selections with computer sources and four plus one autodetect mode with standard video and progressive-scan DVD, but unfortunately, it can't change aspects

BenQ EW2420 review: BenQ EW2420

Under the bottom of the bezel is a thin gray cylinder that stretches the width of the panel--one of the EW2420's few unique aesthetic flourishes. The neck of the footstand includes a cable router