outdoor fence with no maintenance

Inside North Korea's mysterious military

Though the Korean War ended with a 1953 armistice, but there was no formal treaty. As such, tensions between North Korea and U.S.-fortified South Korea have remained high.

Just how good is the Pixel 2's camera?

Google Pixel 2 camera. With so many green and yellow hues, the Pixel 2 captured great details in the different leaves, trees and blades of in this image.

Viral trashtag challenge inspires bored teens and tens

The trend has garnered steam in the past few days, but the outdoor company UCO Gear appears to have ideated the hashtag in 2015 as part of a larger project, according to a press release.

6 gardening tips you'll wish you'd known all along

Lawn maintenance is important all year long, but especially in the hot summer months. Mowing correctly can go a long way. In the summer, make sure your lawn stays at about 4 inches tall.

Neighborhood security cameras sacrifice privacy to solve

While there's no initial cost, Flock charges $1,500 per camera per year for the initial installation and any ongoing maintenance needs. But given that a single Vigilant camera can cost upward of

Report: Colorado inmate pushed through fence, jumped to

GOLDEN, Colo. -- An inmate who escaped from a Colorado jail's maximum security pod Sunday night pushed through metal mesh fencing and jumped 10 feet to escape, reports the Denver Post.

You can grow your own food, even if you hate the outdoors

No pods, no dirt. You have to buy your own dirt and seedlings or seeds if you're feeling adventurous and plant them. This minimal system would be good for the ambitious gardener who just needs a