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Our Waterproof Aluminum Decking provides an Alternative

GutterDecks Aluminum, Waterproof Decking Design is perfect for new deck installations, rebuilding existing decks, pool and spa surroundings, boat docks, and residential and commercial applications. seamless aluminum surface, GutterDeck creates an attractive, beneath the waterproof deck dry, making it the perfect choice for

Decks and Patio Waterproofing

Specialty Coatings, Decks and Patio Waterproofing. Decks and patio waterproofing done right. We offer applications of high performance, seamless, waterproof coating systems that can be applied to wood or concrete surfaces, such as decks, balconies, patio, and walkways.

SILCOR 900 Series Liquid Waterproofing GCP Applied

What is SILCOR liquid waterproofing? SILCOR is a high performing cold-applied and seamless, liquid waterproofing system for podium decks, green roofs and terraces. It offers flexibility through spray as well as squeegee application and is foot-trafficable in two hours or less, depending on the product selected. Design without leak concerns

WATERPROOF DECKS AGT Painting and Coatings

Waterproof Decks. Our Gaco brand deck systems protect and beautify any deck surface including balconies, patios, roof decks, plazas, and elevated sidewalks with virtually unlimited patterns, styles and colors. Gaco decks are a seamless, two-component, liquid applied, rubberized urethane that adheres directly to exterior plywood, metal, or concrete surfaces.

Seamless Decking Membranes

Seamless Deck Membranes - Surrey/Fraser Valley. Flexstone System is a non-slip, solvent free, seamless water catalyzed urethane membrane that can be applied to any surface: Concrete, Metal, Masonry, Wood, Vinyl etc. Once the membrane has been applied we broadcast a crushed stone non-slip granule and complete the system with a sealer.

Seamless Deck Waterproofing

Seamless Deck Waterproofing. What seamless waterproof deck system does our company use? Our seamless waterproof decks are a combination of cement acrylics and resins applied very thin. These are very lightweight and very strong. There are almost infinite options for patterns and colors. How is our waterproof deck system applied?

Seamless Liquid Waterproofing

Seamless Liquid Waterproofing Strong, Flexible and Durable Seamless Liquid Waterproofing Roof systems have developed into excellent products for your roofs; these high performance coatings are strong, flexible and durable. The application process allows the systems to be applied to virtually any substrate, asphalt, felt, asbestos, steel or single layer membranes like Butynol.

Articulus Spray Applied Expansion Joint

The Articulus spray applied expansion joint system is designed to work directly with Bridge Deck Membrane waterproofing, creating a continuous and seamless waterproof membrane system over the entire bridge structure. Articulus spray applied expansion joint can be applied to both concrete and steel structures.

Seamless Waterproof Deck Coatings

Our seamless waterproof deck system uses the most durable and cost effective way to waterproof plywood and concrete decks, balconies, walkways, and roof decks. In addition, we specialize in decorative concrete overlays with an infinite amount of options for patterns and colors to choose from to give it that one of a kind look.

Waterproofing Seamless Coatings

Specialist in waterproofing and sealing plaster homes and decks with our elastomeric wrap in Wellington and Auckland. Our liquid applied waterproofing product is completely seamless and seals your home in a tight, flexible wrap. Faster and more affordable than recladding.

Flexstone Home

We've had Flexstone on our top deck of our home and we couldn't be happier. We know we are protected from deck leaks and now we can use the deck more often. We liked knowing that Flexstone has a 20 year track record helping home owners in wet climates. Also, we were pleased with the staff and service we received from start to finish.

Silcor 900 Seamless Waterproofing For Buried Roofs and Decks

Silcor 900 Seamless Waterproofing For Buried Roofs and Decks Silcor 900MP - Ultra fast spray application by specialists: Silcor 900HA - Easy hand application for small or confined areas: Silcor 900 is a sprayable or hand-applied liquid waterproofing system developed by GCP Applied Technologies, an industry leader in structural waterproofing.

Best Coatings for Wood Decks Wood Porch Floors

Best Coatings for Wood Decks Wood Porch Floors. To ensure a seamless waterproof barrier, an area to watch is where the deck or porch connects to another structure such as the house, patio, fence or even supporting beams. Watch for the next article on how this works best.

Waterproofing Products

Whether you need to waterproof a floor, bathroom, shower, pool or spa, LATICRETE tile waterproofing products will deliver incredible and consistent results. self curing liquid rubber polymer which can be easily applied to form a flexible, seamless waterproof anti-fracture membrane. Country Availability Mat is engineered to permit

Seamless Waterproof Membrane

Seamless Vapor Seal Primer if vapor emissions exceed 4Lbs/1000Ft²/24hrs or if installed over on grade or below grade concrete slabs, slabs over unvented metal pan, pool decks or light-weight concrete. Primer Application: Once surface preparation is complete, apply Seamless Seven Trust Waterproof Membrane Primer to the concrete oor.

PurEpoxy Deck System, seamless waterproofing membrane

Pur DECK is a 100% solids, two component, liquid epoxy-urethane hybrid waterproofinng membrane. It is designed to be used as a seamless waterproofing membrane to protect concrete from water damage. It also offers excellent chemical resistance and protects against common parking deck chemicals.

Elevation Systems Formulated Materials

Elevation Seamless Waterproofing The next generation of elevated breezeway and balcony waterproofing systems. Elevation Seamless eliminates the seams, thus eliminating the point where most waterproofing systems fail. Elevation Seamless is a uniform, monolithic membrane that is trowel applied. With its light grey color, any damage to the surface is easily noticeable, making repair fast and

Waterproofing Deck Waterproof Wood Sealer

Other deck waterproofers rely on thin sealers that break down over time, but only SANI-TRED fully adheres to your deck and creates a seamless surface that stops water from damaging your deck. Stop using inferior deck waterproofers and choose the best system on the market today. Choose SANI-TRED and protect your deck.