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Pelosi calls "sanctuary cities" proposal a notion

We didn't have a speaker who would bring a Dreamers issue to the floor. We do now. And that's a very big difference. The power of the speaker is awesome. Awesome." We do now. And that's a very big

Hurricane emergency kit: Supply checklist for a survival

CBS News put together a list of emergency preparedness tips for people and pets as well as a supplies checklist before Hurricane Florence arrives

Spain says North Korean Embassy raid suspects of Cheollima

De la Mata identified citizens of Mexico, the United States and South Korea as the main suspects being investigated on charges that include of causing injuries, making threats and burglary. He

5 customized homes that provide luxury living for pets

Photo credit: Hiroyuki Oki. Some animal lovers are taking drastic measures to create luxurious and easy-to-clean living environments for their four-legged family members.

LED buying guide

Manufacturers aren't required to list the bulb's CRI number on the packaging, but many of them choose to do so anyway, so you'll want to know what it means. Which LED bulbs are best for eye

Digital transformation in manufacturing is coming: Here's

One of these demands will be responding to ever shorter product life cycles going from 12-18 months to less than one year for many products with agile manufacturing practices.

10 biggest U.S. homes on the market

The smallest home on this list is more than 10 times the size of the average home. The largest house is the size of a football field, and only one is owned by a wealthy celebrity.

Jeff Flake speech on Trump, fake news

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake gave a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday, delivering his message to President Trump that assaults on the media and freedom of speech have the potential to cause