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Transcript: Eighth Republican debate, New Hampshire 2016

To hire the 20,000 new border agents, to finish the fencing and walls, to put in place mandatory e-verify, to put in place an entry-exit tracking system to prevent visa overstays.

YouTube TV needs to bulk up to be worth $35 a month hands

If you've never had cable TV service, you've already cut the cord or you're on the fence considering whether to do so, YouTube TV offers yet another way to stream live TV channels over the

Bringing in your own cake

I am on the fence about this subject, since I try to understand both sides. On the one hand, I understand that restaurants are in the business of making money, and selling the desserts on the menu is certainly one way to do that. On the other hand, in order to try and accommodate most situations, why not allow outside cakes to be brought in, and simply charge a plating fee. That way, the

Ebersol's Son Feared Dead In Crash

The co-pilot was hospitalized in Denver, while Dick and Charles Ebersol were hospitalized in Grand Junction, witnesses said. Ebersol's wife of 23 years, "Kate and Allie" and "McMillan and Wife

McGwire Hits Record No. 6

2 Giusti, the founder of the company Brigaid, hires trained chefs to make high-quality school lunches from scratch, and recently hosted a competition featuring award-winning chefs from across the

Outrage over police pepper-spraying students

The protesters passed a line of police surrounding the lot without a struggle, used wire cutters to take down the fence and pulled down "no trespassing" signs the Chronicle reported.

Violent Storms Ravage South, Flood Midwest

Just 11 days into the New Year, at least 87 tornadoes have already touched down in the U.S., compared to 27 by this time last year. Twisters have been ravaging the Gulf Coast and Midwest all week.

Front Page: Iraq, March 23, 2003

Front Page: Iraq, March 23, 2003. By Lloyd Vries March 24, 2003 / 1:02 PM / CBS The following is a compilation of today's newspaper reports about the Iraq crisis from around the country and around

Answers To Your Questions

Due to Hurricane Gustav, the first day of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., was cut short to only include the official business of the convention. But we still got CBS News

10 most affordable U.S. cities to retire

Creative Commons/ Flickr user PINKE. Finding a place to retire comfortably -- both physically and financially -- doesn't have to be a daunting task.

Sherri Papini abducted: Husband details California woman's

REDDING, Calif. --The husband of an abducted northern California woman says she had trouble finding someone to help her after she was dropped off by her captors, bound on the side of the road.

Facebook shows how it's gonna make virtual reality

The social network is one of many major tech companies pushing virtual reality as the next big trend. The company entered the VR business through its $1 billion acquisition of Oculus in 2014.

Can my stolen Smart TV be tracked down through the Internet?

Question: Can my stolen Smart TV be tracked down through the Internet? Hello, I have a question Two months ago, my Samsung Smart TV was stolen from me and I still had my Netflix account app on my

Man presumed dead after falling off cliff while taking

The Florida Republican is part of a group of GOP senators President Trump tasked with devising a replacement for the Affordable Care Act 5H ago more in U.S.

Man strips, drives pickup into Southwest plane in Nebraska

When officers approached, the man ran, climbed a fence into the gate area, undressed and stole an airline pickup. He drove into the plane, which was headed to Denver, as passengers were boarding.

Police dog opens gate with paw to rescue injured partner

A sheriff's deputy responded to a trespassing call around 1 a.m. on Saturday. While on the call, a man the deputy was talking to jumped a fence to get away.

2018 NBA Mock Draft: Final look and projection of both

Going to Denver would suit his gam well. That franchise could use a power tweener wing who can jump to the clouds. That franchise could use a power tweener wing who can jump to the clouds. 15

Man bragged about touching sleeping tiger, zoo says

On March 18, a man climbed a public barrier fence, from the public pathway, of Denver Zoos new tiger exhibit, The Edge, and jumped to touch a sleeping tiger in the overhead catwalk. The