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Anti-Pelosi Democrats confident they can keep her from

WASHINGTON --Even as newly-elected members of the House arrived in Washington Wednesday for orientation, Democrats jockeyed behind the scenes in the battle over who the new House speaker should be.

Get your floor superclean with these brand-new vacuums

Take a look at these new floor-care machines that are built to keep your home's floors nice and tidy, from powerful upright vacuums and lightweight stick vacs to portable stain removers and carpet

State of the Union 2019: Late-term abortion pushed by

His remarks drew fervent cheers from Republican lawmakers on the House floor. Mr. Trump cited "the case of the governor of Virginia where he stated he would execute a baby after birth." Last week

Watch This Old House Episodes on PBS Season 35 2014

In New Jersey, the decimated Mantoloking house is viewed from a beach rescue vehicle; the Bay Head home's new first floor is framed; and helical pull-down micro-pile technology screws the Point

House Rejects $700B Bailout Plan

In a vote that shook the government, Wall Street and markets around the world, the House on Monday defeated a $700 billion emergency rescue for the nation's financial system, leaving both parties

Washing Cars At Home

Connell also showed some car floor mats that have deep channels to collect mud, sand and salt. Each one will hold up to a quart of liquid $45, Each one will hold up to a quart of liquid $45

DACA: What you need to know

House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows told CNN that he wants a bill "as conservative as it could possibly be" to emerge from the House and then head to the Senate.

Holmes on Homes Episodes TV Guide

A leaking porch on a twin home is fixed once the two sets of homeowners agree to a solution. Mike and the team address the root of the problem---the roof---and work their way down to the porch.

Best movies 2018: Here are the 10 best films of the year

The singer, Zula Joanna Kulig , is flighty, given to drink, and when she explodes on the dance floor, gyrating to Bill Haley and His Comets' "Rock Around the Clock," she pours herself into the

How to get rid of tough carpet stains yes, even cat pee

Before you lay down the solution though, it's a good idea to test your carpet for colorfastness. Pick a small spot that's hidden, say, under the couch or sofa, and hit it with a little of the

11 ways to make your Wi-Fi faster

If you live in a large multistory house or there is no way to centrally position a router, the next best solution -- short of running Cat 6 to multiple rooms -- is powerline network adapters.

Does sleep tech really belong in the bedroom?

Smart Home Does sleep tech really belong in the bedroom? I thought bringing tech to bed was a no-no, but testing out a smart Sleep Number mattress for the past several weeks might have changed my

Bernie Sanders rolls out Medicare-for-All plan

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders criticized the Vermont senator's Medicare-for-All bill in a White House press briefing that took place during his own press conference.

This home theater has a secret feature that hides

Joe and his wife Marjory live near Portland, Oregon. For 20 years they lived in same house and were always disappointed with the entertainment center in their family room.

D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor review: D-Link is the best flood

It's an elegant solution to the age-old problem of flooding. But D-Link takes an even more creative approach. Rather than using probes, D-Link's Wi-Fi Water Sensor uses a cable with long, twisting

Bissell Bolt Ion 2-in-1 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum review

The Hoover Air might offer the best battery solution by including two that each last 25 minutes, but the Bissell Bolt still vacuums for an impressively long time on a single charge.

House passes resolution condemning all bigotry, but not

After the vote, Omar left the House floor and answered no questions from reporters, a common practice throughout this week. The final resolution is much broader than just addressing anti-Semitism.