homemade boat seats

Good Morning America TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes

ABC's durable early-morning series mixes news, interviews, entertainment and lifestyle features. A retooled version of `A.M. America' which lasted less than 10 months , `GMA' has perpetually

How to make your subwoofer sound better

REL T-Series Subwoofers REL I recently wrote about how to improve the sound of your speakers by fine-tuning their placement in your room.

Custom 3D-printed kayak is a homemade work of art

Culture Custom 3D-printed kayak is a homemade work of art. A specially modified home-built 3D printer cranks out an entire colorful kayak over the course of over 1,000 hours of printing time.

Eat and Drink

See what's new on Chowhound, from fun videos and photo galleries to breaking food news and in-depth essays. Plus, get food and drink-related content specific to your city, or ones you want to visit, and browse for recipes, recommendations, and stories by specific topics, occasions, and ingredients.

Twitter's new 280-character limit raises questions

Culture Twitter says now we can all use 280 characters. After a trial run, Twitter is officially doubling its signature 140-character limit. Meanwhile, larger issues remain.

The Wind in the Willows

The annual River Bank Regatta is approaching, and a new competition is being held this year for home-made boats. The mention of a silver cup for the winner soon arouses Toad's interest in the race

Watch I Love Lucy Episodes on CBS Season 6 2019 TV Guide

Ricky sort of saves the day, but he's able to buy only two box seats, so they decide that the women will see the first act and the men the second. It doesn't work out that way, of course, and soon

The Race to Alaska

The Race to Alaska is one of the more unusual, more punishing events in American sport -- a grueling 750-mile boat race from Port Townsend to Ketchikan, Alaska with just one rule: No motors.

Weird contraption turns your hoverboard into a hover-seat

Gadgets Weird contraption turns your hoverboard into a hover-seat. When standing on a hoverboard just takes too much effort, you can turn to the seated comfort of the Hoverboard Cart attachment.