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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut FAQ/Walkthrough for

To get the water purifier working, you need to install the engine and then use the Mechanical Repair skill level 4 challenge on it. A glitch means that this is way harder than it should be. If you highlight the purifier and then bring up the skill wheel with L2, the highlight will jump to the door.

Shadowrun FAQ/Walkthrough for Genesis by Eller

Made a few small edits and one big edit I had mistyped the Essence cost for Spurs in the Hand-Razors-to- Spurs discount explanation, rendering it nonsensical in Section VII. Made a slight change in Section V after realizing that Strength and Charisma probably wouldn't help you in the very end of the game. Also added the Karma values that correspond to completing each part of the walkthrough

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Fable II: Game of the Year Edition FAQ/Walkthrough for

On exiting the field there is a bottle on the top of the stone fence You should complete the chicken round up about the time you are collecting bottles 4-8 all you need to do is kick the chickens into the square pen next to the barn. There are five chickens and they should be relatively easy to find. Likewise, you should complete the beetle killing task whilst you are in the field collecting

The Bill

DC Carver is at the hospital checking on a stabbing of a drug dealer. WPC Martella has some info about the deceased which prompts DS Burnside to bring in a couple of suspects.

Is there a better method of upgrading to a new Windows OS

Actually, this is not cut and dried. An upgrade is not a lead pipe cinch, but, if it succeeds, all the paid-for licensed software migrates to Win 10.