use decking for table top

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: A durable, costly camera for your

You can't set the IQ Outdoor on a picnic table on your back deck railing and call it a day -- it doesn't have a typical camera base. Instead, it comes with mounting brackets designed to let you

How to sum the top n values in Excel

Top refers to the entry's value, not its position within the data set. For instance, in the data set 0, 1, 9, 10 , 10 is the top or largest value regardless of where it occurs within the set

Tabletop wargaming is TOO EXPENSIVE

Table top games like that are hobbies for rich kids, IMO. You thought card games were expensive? You thought card games were expensive? Gonna cost you ATLEAST a few hundred just to get started.

How to use Word 2013's collapsible headings

Susan Harkins explains how to use collapsible headings to turn long complex documents into a simple list of headings that readers can use as a table of contents. The article "Use Word 2010's new

How do I Create and format tables in Word 2007?

As you can see, the way you create and format tables in Word 2007 is different from the way you performed the same task in Office 2003 and earlier. However, the Ribbon interface actually makes

Three advanced tips for Word's table of contents feature

A table of contents for a long document is often a must Using Word's built-in feature, you can quickly generate a table of contents with headings that link to their respective sections.

MLB will use independent Atlantic League as testing ground

MLB will use independent Atlantic League as testing ground for robot umpires, other aggressive rule changes On the table: Automated help for balls/strikes, no mound visits, banning the shift and more

These apps use the most data and drain battery life

The AVG study took a look at all the top battery and data-consuming apps running on Android smartphones and tablets, using data from over one million anonymous Android app users. The study used

A tour of the ballistic missile submarine Redoutable

Modern subs don't usually use propellers like that too loud . This is the top deck of the sub. The previous pictures were the main deck; the missiles extend above and below, as well

How to use Google Home to plan a dinner party

Just make a room at the table for the device, use Google Assistant to dial up your loved one using Wi-Fi, and let the good times continue. To do this, you'll first need to connect your phone

The best tabletop and board game gifts for analog gamers

The vibe is definitely old-school Lovecraft, and this board game actually requires you to use its companion app, which creates the layout, spawns monsters and even adds sound effects. See at