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My IBM Vacation

My IBM Vacation. By Bob Bicknell November 6, 2003 / 1:37 AM / CBS It was a beautiful autumn day. Leaves were turning, so with a borrowed car, I played hooky and went for a rare and pleasant drive

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The apartment building's cladding, or covering, was essentially a "sandwich" consisting of combustible polyethylene foam insulation on the inside with two layers of aluminum encasing the outside.

The best of the Computex Design and Innovation awards 2015

Gold: Dell XPS 13. Dell's XPS 13 is the smallest laptop with a 13-inch screen in the world, and it's deemed to have the best performance of that size.

Check out these wonderfully detailed 'Game of Thrones

This is the dress worn by Sansa Stark in the Vale while she's under the protection of Littlefinger, and disguised as the fictitious commoner Alayne Stone in order to hide her true identity.


In 1954 architect Gordon Bunshaft built a totally transparent building for Manufacturer's Trust, at Fifth Avenue and 43rd Street in New York - with the vault itself in the window. Belfoure said

Keeping Moore's Law ticking pictures

Intel 32nm vs 22nm chip manufacturing. This view compares the last-generation 32nm process used to make Intel's "Sandy Bridge" chips with today's 22nm process for "Ivy Bridge" chips.

Stock Market Migraine

Wall Street began the third quarter on a gloomy note Monday as the technology-laden Nasdaq Composite carved out its lowest close in five years as investors braced for the next big accounting

For camera makers, hope lies in pricey devices for the few

Cameras For camera makers, hope lies in pricey devices for the few. As smartphones replace point-and-shoots, companies from Nikon to Fujifilm are scrambling to build product lines.

Navy's newest weapon kills at seven times the speed of

The projectile sheds its steel cladding, and, in video released for the first time Monday, it smashes into a dummy warhead that represents an incoming missile. An explosion is caused by the sheer

Our Latest Hire: Ernie Sander Joins Us As Managing Editor

He previously served as a senior editor in The Journal's Weekend Group and, before that, was managing editor of The Asian Wall Street Journal's Personal Journal section.

Microsoft's newest flagship store takes on the Big Apple

A space befitting the Big Apple. Microsoft's newest store is also its largest. It's the first with two floors, and it features a distinct 30-foot wall of display monitors.

Keeping Moore's Law ticking pictures

The chip industry is intensely focused on steady improvements to processor cost and performance. Here's a look at some of technology involved in building today's chips and researching tomorrow's.

CES 2019: 14 questions tech's biggest show needs to answer

CES 2019 effectively starts Sunday, Jan. 6 and runs through Friday, Jan. 11. And this year's show comes at a point when the tech industry is more of the center of conversation than ever before

Stunning shots from space pictures

Tough to tell if the river has carved its way through its namesake plateau here, built up a green wall, or turned into a massive mutant snake. CNET may get a commission from retail offers.