decorative wallboard for mobile homes

How To Hang A Picture

Typically, a new home is constructed with studs spaced 16 inches from the center of one stud to the center of the next. So, if you measure out 16 inches from a corner of a wall, there should be a

Home Again with Bob Vila

Bob adds a decorative window valance over the kitchen window. We see how it is traced, cut, and installed. A Tour of a island cottage, created by a unique and colorful artist.

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A chronicle of the do-it-yourself experience gives novices and veterans an idea of what to expect when tackling home-improvement projects.

Watch Bob Vila's Home Again Episodes on Syndicated

The finished house is toured, including the basement rec room, and the designer discusses the colonial decor. Also: a look at the outside elements such as landscaping, gutters and a trellis.

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Mother-and-daughter tips on projects designed to spruce up the home, covering decorating, entertaining, gardening, along with arts and crafts.

LaMetric's pixelated LED wall panels shine at CES 2019

MUSIC Hey smart home fans, I'm here at the Tech West show for it's CES 2019 to show you the new Metric Sky wall panels. These are really cool LED color changing wall panels from the makers of

Fresh Looks For Painted Walls

Painting is an easy way to give the rooms in your home a fresh look, but sometimes you may want more than just a solid colored wall. Danny Lipford, the host of "Today's Homeowner," has these easy

Revolutionize Your Room

Faux Finishing Sheetrock Decorative painting or faux finishing gives you the freedom to express your individual style, and creates a room that uniquely reflects your personality.

Home Again with Bob Vila: Interior Craftwork

Watch Home Again with Bob Vila - Season 13, Episode 22 - Interior Craftwork: The decorative interior finish work.

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Dana shops for efficient yet decorative lighting. Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build false rafter tails and then they install them. Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build