plastic lawn border edging 2x4

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Farm Tuff. The Farm Tuff Flatbed Garden Wagon is great for moving hefty tool boxes landscape materials and other heavy objects Hinged 27in handle makes wagon easier to pull 3 4in thick plywood bed has plastic

Paving The Way To A New Patio

To show off your outdoor furniture and grill, Edging. One way to contain your pavers is to create a border, using treated 1x4 or 2x4 pieces. Redwood, cedar or cypress also can be used

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Place a 2x4 board on the ground under the door, wide side down. The door should pop back up when it hits the 2x4. If it doesn't, call a garage-door pro. Test the photoelectric eyes by holding the

Md. woman's $7 flea market find actually lost Renoir

CBSNews BALTIMORE - A Maryland woman lived an antique collector's dream when she came across a Renoir masterpiece shoved in a box at a West Virginia flea market. The woman, who asked to remain

India-Pakistan Tensions Flare

The world's most heavily militarized border, where almost a million Pakistani and Indian troops are eyeball to eyeball, is edging closer to the brink of war. On Tuesday, masked gunmen assassinated

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2x4 Basics. These durable 2x4 Basics structural foam plastic resin AnySize Patio Table frames are easy to use Just add 2 x 4 s to make a sturdy patio table 29in tall x 30in wide and up to 8

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With its metal edging and plastic back panel, the Lumia 930 is very similar to the older Lumia 925. That's no bad thing, as I found the 925 rather luxurious. That's no bad thing, as I That's no bad thing, as I found the 925 rather luxurious.

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