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There are two types of seawalls on the market designed to protect your shoreline effectively against areas with moving water and ice, vinyl piling seawalls and steel piling seawalls. Both of these walls consist of interlocking pilings driven into the ground, which makes them effective against water. When installed properly to the correct depth washout under and behind the wall is non-existent

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Everlast synthetic Products is the longest lasting vinyl sheet piling product in the industry. Composite piling is the newest and most improve shoreline protection source to date.

UltraComposite Fiberglass Composite Sheet Piling and FRP Piles

Composite sheet piling and round piles have been successfully used over the past decade in thousands of commercial and private projects with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Navy and numerous state and local municipalities.

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Seawall vs.Bulkhead? Typical Concrete Bulkhead Many people refer to all vertical shoreline structures as seawalls, but there is a differ-ence between a seawall and a bulkhead.

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Everlast Synthetic Products is a leading manufacturer of vinyl sheet and composite piling for seawalls. Our products and engineering expertise are used for seawall construction, retaining walls, and lake walls around the world.AboutProjectsSeawalls 101Become an Everlast DistributorEverWood Timbers and PilingsEverCompComposite Seawall Sheet Piling: CMI

UltraComposite Bulkhead Materials UltraComposite Sheet Pile Profiles. This Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer FRP , often called composite, seawall system consists of the corrugated FRP sheet piling with the option to add an UltraComposite FRP cap and/or wale into the design.

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Seawalls are typically made from large sections called sheet pile in wood, concrete, steel, or vinyl. To avoid the degradation problems associated with these materials, some seawalls are made from other glass-based composites, primarily using polyester resins, Gulf Synthetics's CEO and founder, Mitch Wood, said in an interview. Polyester resins absorb water, so they must be coated with a gel

Composite Sheet Piling

Though composite sheet piling is used for riverside and coastal protection projects, the versatility of the product helps it work in many different scenarios.


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Everlast synthetic sheet piling is cost-effective, non-corrosive, and environmentally-friendly, and serves a variety of purposes to meet your seawall needs. In addition, they are the only manufacturer where all products are 3rd party-tested on a finished product for over 10,000 hours for creep, interlocking, impact, leak, hot and cold expansion.

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Aluminum, Vinyl, and Composite sheet pilings are often used as an alternative to Steel and Concrete Seawalls. These synthetic products are utilized for many applications including seawalls, bulkheads, water control structures and shoring.

Vinyl Sheet Piling: CMI Waterfront Bulkhead and Seawall

ShoreGuard, the original vinyl sheet piling, revolutionized the sheet piling industry over 25 years ago. Until the creation of ShoreGuard, most seawalls and bulkheads were made of steel, concrete, or treated wood.

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Vinyl Sheet Piling, Z Type Steel Sheet Piling, FRP Composite and Aluminum Sheet Piling Interlocks sheet pile structures will experience the build-up of significant hydrostatic water pressure, a vital issue for a sheet piling design.

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Seawall Fiberglass Composite Seawall Bulkhead Construction: SuperPile Fiberglass Composite Hollow Marine Piling: For marine seawalls, bulkheads, sheet piles and retaining walls, pultruded fiber reinforced polymer composite seawall bulkhead retaining wall offer significant advantages over wood, concrete, steel

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Vinyl. Vinyl sheet pile has provided a cost-effective and sustainable building material for seawalls and other sheet piling structures that can be installed easier and provide a long service-life without toxic coatings or preservatives.

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Composite Sheet Piling Seawalls This composite material for seawalls is now available in different lengths, diameters, strengths and colors. It is designed with a special marine grade resin system that provides both strength and longevity to the material.

Marine Sheet Piling: Vinyl Seawalls and Marine Bulkheads

Composite Bulkheads and Marine Walls Composite sheet piling and round piles have been successfully used over the past decade in thousands of commercial and private projects with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Navy and numerous state and local municipalities.

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There are many material choices for seawalls and retaining walls, including steel, composite sheet piling, concrete seawalls, corrugated vinyl sheet piling, aluminum and wood.

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Fiberglass sheet piling is installed using standard pile driving equipment. Low frequency vibratory hammers, plate tampers, air and diesel impact hammers, and water jetting are common methods of installation.