plastic barrier hoarding panels

Trump H-1b visa tweet: President Trump floats "path to

Mr. Trump has expressed openness to a broader immigration overhaul, but has insisted that he first wants funding for a concrete or steel wall or barrier, along with funding for technology and

Huge floating device isn't trapping plastic in Pacific Ocean

The plastic barrier with a tapered 10-foot-deep screen is intended to act like a coastline, trapping some of the 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic that scientists estimate are swirling in the patch

California Camp Fire update: Containment, evacuations, air

"Once it gets past the air-blood barrier in the lungs it can go to almost any organ in the body because it travels through the blood stream," professor Ed Avol, acting director of the

Scientists discover Earth's deepest point is polluted by

With estimates suggesting that up to 13 million metric tonnes of plastic waste still entering the ocean in a given year, there's a pretty good chance you're eating plastics without even knowing.

16 things you should never put in the garbage disposal

Certain vegetables. Many vegetables can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal. You shouldn't put fibrous vegetables in the disposal as they'll bind up around the blade.

Freezing cold, snow cause over 4,000 flight cancellations

Flight tracking website, FlightAware, said close to 3,300 flights in and out of O'Hare Airport and more than 850 at Midway Airport were canceled between Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon.

Eggs and cholesterol: Experts weigh new guidance on eggs

"In addition to dietary cholesterol, there's a cancer risk involved in eating eggs and other animal products," she said. "We've always said you can have egg whites but you should probably limit

Naked protest in houses of Parliament: Climate change

Pregnant whale washes ashore with 48 pounds of plastic in stomach "It is the first time we have been confronted with an animal with such a huge quantity of garbage," a biologist says 12H ago

Watch: Trump declares national emergency in Rose Garden

President Trump -- dissatisfied with the funding Congress is providing him for barriers at the southern border -- has signed a bill to fund the government and a national emergency declaration to

Vestalife Firefly review: Vestalife Firefly

The Good The Vestalife Firefly offers a unique design and handy features such as pass-through syncing and auxiliary line input. Overall, its sound is solid, the speaker can be powered via

Barriers to solar energy's blockbuster promise

Culture Barriers to solar energy's blockbuster promise. The potential for U.S. solar energy may look brightest in California, but legal, technological and cost limitations are interfering with big

What is the National Emergencies Act and can President

The White House said Thursday that they would declare a national emergency in order to fund a barrier along the southern border. But the move is almost certain to invite challenges.

This LG fridge has a door in the door, but what is it good

It's a very similar side by side fridge with a front panel you can open up and those indoor shelves aren't blocked off at all on the inside. There's no plastic barrier, no nothing. And the

Video shows 3-year-old girl falling from ladder on 16-foot

The video shows two other people crossing and descending the border barrier after the girl falls. They then join a group of people on the ground. They then join a group of people on the ground.

Seabins want to be the garbage cans of the ocean

Tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year creating a so-called "sea of plastic," a mass of garbage floating in the water that can stretch for miles.