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Gift Guide 2018: Kitchen Tools to Make You Feel Like a Pro

Gift-giving season is the perfect time to join the air fryer craze. These gadgets allow you to produce crunchy, crispy foods without dealing with the messy, stinky, unhealthy process of deep frying.

Dual-Use Kitchen Stuff

We have very high cabinets in the room next to the kitchen where we store stuff like extra food storage bags and such. The tongs are the perfect tool for getting those. The tongs are the perfect tool for getting those.

New House New Kitchen

Candy, it's good to have you back on CH, even for a rant. As to the cabinets, you might consider refacing them. When we did a total gut of our kitchen shortly after we moved into our 90-year old house, we unwisely selected a white stained finish, which showed all of the dirt.

Vitamix or the Ninja?

The Professional 300 and the Creations Elite models are smaller and more compact and even more powerful. They can fit under a cabinet at 17.25" high and are 40% quieter, and have a pulse feature that the others don't have.

Flip This House

A home in Atlanta has a lot of promise for a small investment, but problems multiply as the home is torn down to the studs and a tree with long roots threatens the foundation. more less

Build a meat curing box

A wine fridge will maintain the temperature you want, but humidity control might be difficult. I made a curing box from a mini-fridge and a temperature controller bought from a brewing supply store, and none of the cheap humidity control tricks worked very well salt, silica gel, antifreeze .

Is It OK to Leave Butter on the Kitchen Counter?

In many, many years of travels, several years of living there, and countless visits to French peoples' homes, I have never seen one. Not saying they don't exist -- just saying that this myth that every French kitchen owns one is a fantasy dreamed up by the manufacturers.

Mulled Wine: The Warm, Fall Beverage to Serve

The ancient Greeks and Romans used to boil down higher quality wine and then mix it with bad wine to improve the quality of the subpar supply. Eventually, additions like honey and spices were mixed in, evolving into what we think of as mulled wine today.

Twin Cities: Best Place for Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen Window, in Calhoun Square. Great selection, knowledgeable staff. There's a new kitchen store in Nordeast. It's on Hennepin, at the corner with 4th Ave I think .

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Organizing My BBQ Supplies and Cooking Area

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Kimberly Kennedy's Invitations

In a special two-hour Saturday night finale, America's newest domestic goddess was chosen: Kimberly Kennedy of Atlanta, Ga. Part of her prize is a series of six appearances on The Early Show, and

Looking for cool kitchen stores

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