12 foot panels under a deck

How To Build A Patio

The panels are 2x2 feet and 2x3 feet. The next thing to do, once you've made your border, is to dig out about one inch of soil from inside the frame. Then spread about 3 inches of sand inside the

Deck hand saved lives as fishing boat sank; captain's role

Deck hand saved lives as fishing boat sank; captain's role under investigation April 6, 2018 / 11:37 AM / AP HONOLULU -- Khanh Huynh has been a commercial fisherman since he was 12 years old.

The most extreme RVs and campers of 2018

The 14-foot camper is built on a Ford F-550 chassis and starts at $179,000, plus the price of the truck. And hey, it's called the Turtle. And hey, it's called the Turtle. Published: July 4, 2018

Homes: What you can buy for $600,000

The 2,800-square-foot unit in a brick building features outdoor flooring, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, surround sound speakers, a smart thermostat, private deck off the master

Space, military history abounds on USS Hornet photos

Now docked in Alameda, Calif., the aircraft carrier over the years was a stalwart of World War II operations, Cold War balance of power, and the U.S. space program.

iPod your car: Replacing your old deck

>> Okay, so before you take your car stereo out, there are a number of tools that you'll need to get beforehand. Firstly, panel remover. This is used to take the trim off around the stereo, often

Expert Picks

College football picks strht up and against the spread by NCAA football experts throughout the regular season and bowl games at CBSSports.com.

History of the 747

The upper deck grew by 23 feet for the 747-300, which entered service in 1983. Singapore Airlines dubbed its aircraft "Big Top." Though the aircraft enjoyed a slightly faster cruising speed, It

Got a deck? Solar panels now a plug-in appliance

The deck kit, sold for $1,099.95 on Amazon, comes with brackets that attach to a deck or for setting up panels in a yard. The panels should qualify users for a 30 percent federal tax credit for

Trashy instruments of Junkestra photos

Sewer pipes, deck railings, dresser ders, saws, bathroom fixtures, and bird cages are just some of the junk that make up the instruments in this odd ensemble.

Take a tour of the USS Midway pictures

The Midway. The USS Midway is the largest aircraft carrier you can tour in the world. Nearly 1,000 feet long and home for over 4,100 sailors at a time, the floating city is impressive inside and out.

Inside the Airbus A380 factory

The 48-foot tail is the only major part of the A380 not to be transported to Toulouse on the truck convoy. Instead, it's flown to the plant in one of Airbus' curious Beluga cargo aircraft

Toyota Supra: The history of the Japanese sports car

Without any clues to what powerplant sits under the clear hood panel, the concept's interior does hint to the way Toyota is leaning towards when it comes to transmissions. The lack of a

US Navy's Undersea Rescue Command: Rescuing

Atmospheric Diving System. The ADS, or Atmospheric Diving System, is a self-contained, single-person submersible that can handle depths up to 2,000 feet.

NASA's InSight lander safely touches down on Mars

An image taken from a camera on InSight's upper deck reveals large rocks in the distance but smooth, sandy soil near the lander. The spacecraft's two primary instruments, an ultra-sensitive