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Lexus reviews, news, pictures, and video

The Bottom Line The Lexus GS F is outgunned in the power department, but it's still a worthy high-performance sedan offering an attractive mix of punch, handling, looks, luxury and involvement

Watch House Hunters Episodes on HGTV Season 143 2018

He is looking for a raised ranch-style home with a recreation room in the basement for his sports memorabilia. She is hoping for a Colonial-style home with an open concept. She is hoping for a

Slow Cooker Party Mix Recipe

2 In a large bowl mix together the soy sauce, liquid smoke, paprika, and butter and pour it over the crackers in the slow cooker. Mix well. Mix well. 3 Cook for about 3 to 4 hours uncovered, stirring every 30 minutes or so, until the mix has dried but has not burned.

Vitamix 5200 Standard Review

I overheard someone in person just last week saying they didn't like a Vita-Mix because it was hard to clean. Really? You just put water in the freaking thing and turn it on. LoL Really? You just put water in the freaking thing and turn it on.

Powdered gravy mix?

My father was just raving about the pot roast my sister made - one packet brown gravy mix, one packet Ranch dressing mix, and one packet Italian dressing mix. That's way too much processed ingredients for me, personally, but he LOVED it.

Friday Food Finds: Flamin Hot Nacho Doritos, Wavy

New week, still the same winter cold. And whats the best remedy to snow, runny noses, and chapped lips? Snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. For this weeks Friday Food Finds on the Taylor Strecker Show, we brought a bevy of chips, candy, crackers, and jerky to sample.

How to clean your Keurig with distilled vinegar

Small Appliances How to clean your Keurig with distilled vinegar. Just like any appliance that sees a lot of use, your coffee maker also needs a deep cleaning every once in a while.

Arizona's incredible Boneyard is purgatory for aircraft

This is the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, AMARG, aka The Boneyard, where planes of all types await their fate under the Arizona sun.

Your ice maker: Essential tips to keep it clean and

Always consult your product manual first for specific support, maintenance and troubleshooting advice. Enlarge Image Regular cleaning will keep your ice machine running well and looking good.

Tangy Ranch Cashews Recipe

Then mix that with garlic, onion, and buttermilk powders and toss with roasted cashews. Try sprinkling some of the powder on other crunchy snacks too, like popcorn or homemade tortilla chips . Special equipment: Youll need a very clean coffee or spice grinder for this recipe.

Mariano's Margarita Recipe marianosrestaurants

This margarita recipe comes from Mariano Martinez, and is used when he prepares margaritas in his own home. Mariano has been credited with being the man most responsible for making tequila the 1 drink in the United States.

Friday Food Finds: Pork Rinds, Spicy Mango Trail Mix

Living Intentions Activated Sprouted Trail Mix Spicy Mango The name is a little bit pretentious which is certainly going to alienate your everyday consumer , but the product is decent. We werent huge fans of the actual mango hard enough to break a tooth , but the added spice was nice.

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Basic Ranch Dressing Recipe

Ranch salad dressing has gone astray from its original tangy buttermilk-herb recipe first created for guests at a real place called the Hidden Valley Ranch near Santa Barbara, California. Hidden Valley sold out for the big bucks, turning its recipe into a bottled, mass-produced, sludgy mess that Americans love. But just because lots of people douse the white goop on everything from pizza to

We Tasted and Ranked All 25 Pringles Flavors and Created

Flavors with asterisks are part of Pringles LOUD line of corn, grain, and vegetable chips. While the Fiery Chili Lime was delicious, the other bold flavors were too much of a departure from the hyperbolic paraboloids classic taste and texture.

Who Really Invented Sloppy Joes?

Some foods are saddled with unfortunate names. Other foods, though they may be delicious, have the bad luck to look pretty terrible. And then there are those humble underdogs that combine the two misfortunes, chief among them the sloppy Joe.

best packaged or bottled ranch dressing? not hidden

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