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Star Wars: Dark Forces FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

SECRET 10: Throw TDs at any of the five corrugated metal panels here to obtain access to supplies--and more Trandoshans. Go down stairs at -485/30.0/-461 . Find the Blue Key at -468/22.0/-391 . Open Blue Key door at -370/27.0/-360 . Head north, then east around the semicircular hallway, then across the catwalk. Get Imperial Nava Card at -043/24.0/0002 . 7.10 Mission X: Jabba's Revenge

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 coming August 21 with 5.7-inch

What we do know is that the Note 5 incorporates two wireless charging standards PMA and WPC , and has two stages of power-saving modes that you can find in the settings including the much much

Getting a grip on home product design

This story was first published on May 22, 2011. All sorts of common-place objects require skillful design - as our Michelle Miller has discovered: If choosing a kitchen product is anything like

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7 homes built with shipping containers

The containers house the bedrooms, bathrooms, office, laundry and kitchen, while the common space includes an entry, dining room, living room and open loft with a platform bed that slides on

Hurricane Matthew, a massive Category 4 storm, turns

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Hurricane Matthew, a potentially devastating Category 4 storm, finally took its long anticipated turn to the north as it nears Haiti and Jamaica. Its northward turn has

Mass Killer's Victims Unknown For 35 Years

One after another, as a steamy summer evening faded from dusk to darkness, the bodies of young boys were pulled from the dirt floor of boat stall No. 11. By night's end on Aug. 8, 1973, eight

How to juggle multiple applications using Task View in

When it comes to managing multiple application windows, one of the most common tasks that you perform in the Windows operating system, Windows 10 really has it all

Quantum Break FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by sokkus

Objective: Follow Will. As we begin this chapter, we'll be back at the swimming pool again. We'll be tasked with following Will once again. Before doing so, look near the small corrugated iron shack to the right of the start point to find Chronon Source 01/02 .

Record-breaking jet stream accelerates air travel; flight

On Monday night, the river of air 35,000 feet above the New York City area, known as the jet stream, clocked in at a blazing 231 mph. This is the fastest jet stream on record since 1957 for the

Audi A8 in depth

An electronic switch for rear child-door locks lives in the driver's side door panel bottom right, just above the red light . Physical child locks are present in the rear door panels as well.

Are you ready for this? A $160 stereo system an audiophile

A $160 stereo system an audiophile could love. The Audiophiliac pairs the Dayton Audio APA100 stereo integrated amplifier with the Dayton Audio B652-Air bookshelf speakers, and loves the sound. By