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A marine ply deck is best sheathed with grp using epoxy resin, to make it Replacing floor on an aluminum boat - Stripers247 Forums These post our on right track. Moi is marine plywood with resin to seal up.

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Best Answer: Treated plywood would work, especially if the patio was enclosed, but 5/4 board 1 1/4" deck board is what is most commonly used. As the other person said, plywood would hold water, and it likely wouldn't last as long. If you do decide to go with treated plywood, use 3/4" because it will last longer and be less likely to sag.

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Whether or not your boat has the substructure engineering for a real laid teak deck is unknown as is whether you have the money for that as well , but possibly it doesn't, if it were designed for a plywood deck to begin with. If you replace the plywood deck, use quality marine ply and be sure to seal it well with CPES, especially on all edges.

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My only experience with marine grade plywood was the rear cargo area floor in a 1971 Chevy Suburban 4x4 I had,which was factory --I scrapped the truck out in the mid 90's,it was so rotted the rest of the floors and rear quarters were either non-existant or so rusty they would crumble when you poked at them--but that marine plywood was still like new and took me a few hours of cutting with a

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Plywood decking is a lot less expensive than the other materials. One or two sheets of plywood can cover the entire deck. Proper Plywood Decking Materials. Plywood decking is a great choice as an alternative to regular boards as long as the right plywood is used. Normal plywood is only four or five layers of wood and is bonded together by a

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want to laminate deck with marine plywood, I know it's not good but lower cost small pics wood, about 3'' *3'' 1 Should I make the plywood saturated with resin before use it. 2 In bolt for seats,handrail, cleats places I want to use GRP plates instead of plywood, is that good ?

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Plywood decking is a lot less expensive than the other materials. One or two sheets of plywood can cover the entire deck. Proper Plywood Decking Materials. Online Service can i build a deck floor/wood patio out of plywood Hi. Welcome to the forum. You can build a deck using plywood, but you have to give it ventillation to help keep it dry.

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Marine Wood - Jamestown Distributors. Items 1 - 15 of 30 Marine lumber suitable for boat construction and finish, plus Teak and Holly plywood features a traditional cabin sole pattern Marine teak decking in 1/2 inch x 1-7/8 inch x 6 feet, with a 3/16 inch x 3/16 inch caulk groove.

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Put that bad patch of plywood behind you with this deck-repair project. Materials and Tools: strhtedge hammer pry bar utility knife calipers push drill caulking gun spring clamps paintbrush paint roller Dress up your porch or patio with a stone planter box. How to Vent a Clothes Dryer. For maximum efficiency, follow our checklist.

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plywood for patio decking. can i build a deck floor/wood patio out of plywood? - Woodworking i have an area away from my house that i would like to make a small elevated deck. basically a patio but out of wood a few inches off of the ..>> How to waterproof a plywood roof deck. - YouTube. 4 Jan 2011

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Marine-grade plywood, often simply called marine plywood, is not what it's often claimed to be. That is, it's not waterproof. Since it's not treated with chemicals it is not rot resistant. However, it is a good-quality, outdoor plywood made with waterproof glue. Better grades also tend to be lightweight, strong, and virtually free of defects.

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Alternatives to Marine Plywood for Boat Deck? - PWCToday Marine Plywood is going to cost redeck..I figured I would check to see if there are any good alternatives. Cheap green wpc outdoor soild decking for patio,garfen deck High quality green composite wall panel for sale Wholesale composite plastic wood wall panel cheap

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The PLI-DEK waterproof deck system for plywood substrates has been ICC-ES evaluated since 1980. The system utilizes a 2.5 galvanized metal lath and a polyacrylic emulsion base coat, with a wide variety of finish options. All of the systems carry a One-Hour and Class A Fire Rating.

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This is the finished deck using the "Rust-Oleum Floor" for a finish. It is hot to the touch in the direct sun. It stays soft for several days after the second coat so allow for a week in the hot

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Deck tiles install easily and quickly over any outdoor surface whether it be above patio, an existing wood deck, or even a pressure treated frame with 2x6 or plywood With our decking tiles you can create your own individual deck design by

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Alternatives to marine plywood for boat deck? Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by NittanyDoug, Mar 17, 2014. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Mar 17, 2014 1 The Coosa products are more expensive than marine plywood but then I don't have to go through the hoops of making sure I have all edges, holes, etc sealed. Say I forget to

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Marine ply is going to be the cheapest but not necessarily the best. For a bit more you could go with Divinycell foam which will not absorb water and rot like unsealed marine ply. I re-cored the deck of my 25ft sailboat with marine ply and had to seal the sheets with epoxy.

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Sealing marine plywood is a lot like sealing other kinds but it does differ slightly. In most cases you would coat only one side and be done with it, but since marine plywood is going to be used underwater, everything has to be treated. Dip a foam brush into the clear, penetrating epoxy.

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I would prefer the deck without gaps so I was thinking of using plywood. Plywood deck. 70x35 pine won't span 700 either it will be springy for sure Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. or Marine ply for your job if you want it to last. 28th Feb 2014, 10:24 PM 33. Random Username.

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How to Prepare Marine Plywood for a Boat Deck eHow Using marine plywood as the final deck surface aboard a vessel is a viable , Spread a waterproof sealing compound on the top side of the plywood with a, Selection of Boat Building Materials and Methods To be sure, the vertical plywood cabin sides, coamings and decks, subject to , thicknesses

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marine ply as patio deck. Exterior plywood for deck surface - HomeOwners' Hub. I want to replace my 10' X 10' deck boards with exterior treated plywood to make the area under the deck water tight, I would .like to then put outdoor carpet/astro turf on the deck.

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I am building a ground level deck max 24 of the ground . It is L shaped and will have 2 long beams 27.5' and 31' . The beams will be 3-ply PT SP 2 2x12's. Read More. Adding a Second Level to a Deck. Jan 09, 19 02:36 PM. The outer edge of my deck is supported on 6x6 beams on P3 Helical Piers.

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Re: OK to use exterior treated plywood for deck? When I redid the deck on my boat I just used regular plywood. The place that I looked it up on line said not to use Marine plywood because the fiberglass rosin does not stick to treated wood as well as non treated wood. So I put the resin top and bottom and it seemed to work well.