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If you have a small dog, such as a Chihuahua, a Yorkshire Terrier or a Pomeranian a 4 foot tall dog fence would be perfect unless you are worried about other animals like coyotes or other dogs entering your property and harming your small dog.If that is a concern you should choose a 6 foot tall dog fence.

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Typically, a pre-assembled vinyl fence panel will cover an 8 foot section of the fence line, but occasionally you'll come across 6 foot to 4 foot long sections as well. Panel heights generally correspond with the traditional fence height standards of 4, 5, and 6 feet tall, although 7' to 8' heights are also usually available.

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General Information: Vinyl Fence is a component based system no mater the style. The fence is made up of Sections, Posts, Gates, and Accessories.We also carry a selection of Replacement Parts for the corresponding styles. The main deciding factor of what you order is directly tied to the Sections because all other components are tailored to work with the specific style of fence.

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Current Location: Index Affordable Floor does poly vinyl fencing come in 5 foot heights. Product. Poly Vinyl Creations, Fence Manufacturer ,, and comes in heights of up to six-feet. , Panels ordered in eight-foot width will come reinforced with aluminum , Request a Poly Vinyl Creations vinyl fence Request a Poly Vinyl Creations vinyl fence

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Get all of your questions answered about Vinyl Do fences come in different heights? Yes. Our vinyl fencing comes in a variety of standard heights and we can custom size your vinyl fencing as well. Can I get a custom height? Is that an extra charge? Yes. Please contact us for pricing. 2018 Quality Fence Company Site by 5oclock

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If I could do it again, I would probably have chosen an Almond vinyl fence color, but, it works and looks great and I get a lot of compliments about it. When in doubt, look around and see what others are doing, there is probably a reason for it. Which vinyl fence color do you prefer and what are the reasons for your choice?

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Vinyl FAQ. Get all of your questions answered about Vinyl Do fences come in different heights? Yes. Our vinyl fencing comes in a variety of standard heights and we can custom size your vinyl fencing as well. Can I get a custom height? Is that an extra charge? 2018 Quality Fence Company

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Vinyl colors are more limited, however there are different colors and shades to choose from. Containment: If you need a fence to contain pets, it is important to consider what your pet s are capable of. Both types of fence can come in any height, but vinyl would be more resistant to digging, clawing, and scratching.

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Schematics for all Fence-All Vinyl styles note the typical clearance above ground assumed within the height description and posts should typically be 2 higher than the fence panel. Meaning: 6 high Alexandria Vinyl fence requires a minimum of 62 of post above ground level.

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A new fence is a good investment. On average, installing a new vinyl fence increases the value of your house by about 65% of the cost of installation, while wooden fences come in around 50%. So the decision to invest in a fence was an easy once. Now, however, it is time to look at the logistics of the project. Do you hire a professional?

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Staggers in the paneling often give the structure a more interesting look. The height of this sort of fence can vary depending on the setting, but most are around 6 feet 1.83 m tall. Picket Fences. Another popular type of vinyl fencing comes in the picket style, and is usually designed specifically to imitate the classic wooden picket fence

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How Tall Does Your Fence Really Need to Be? As for vinyl fencing, the DoD stipulates the height should be seven feet. Issues to consider include weather, as in the case of freezing and frost that can shift soil levels, as well as erosion conditions. Contact for a Quote on Security Fencing.

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This material can withstand most abuse that a larger dog can dish out aside from chewing . It is available in a 5' height, and Heavy Duty Posts should be used with this fence, along with the Nylon Tension Cable across the top. This fence also comes in a 7 ½ ' height.

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Vinyl fencing typically comes in white, lending a nice contrast when black hardware is used. Versatility of design isnt an issue, either. Whether youre partial to pickets or you clamor for a more closed-slat design, vinyl fencing comes in several options that are aesthetically pleasing no matter your preference.

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Comes Boxed for Easy Handling and Storage. Fence Sections and Gates can be Trimmed Down In Height. Because our panels are not preassembled, you have much more flexibility in the look and feel of your fence. Our vinyl fence is a superior quality to that found at your local box stores. Our UV inhibitors are higher, vinyl is thicker, and

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Vinyl, wrought iron and some wooden fencing will come in panels and may need partial panels to complete the project. Your posts will be round or square depending on the materials. The width of the post is also determined by the height of the fence. The needs of a chain link fence are different from the needs of a 6-foot vinyl privacy fence.