indoor insulation panels fire risk

In the Alps, building the world's longest tunnel photos

Gotthard Tunnel. SEDRUN, Switzerland--Deep under the Swiss Alps, workers are putting the finishing touches on the world's longest tunnel. This is the Gotthard Tunnel, and at 57 kilometers long and

2018 Kia Stinger recalled over fenders that may rub it the

Unfortunately, the Stinger is apparently at risk for catching fire in an entirely different way, prompting the Korean automaker to issue the model's first recall.

Is it safe to rinse your sinuses with a neti pot?

As cold and flu season continues, Americans turn to all sorts of remedies to stifle their symptoms. Among them is the neti pot a small teapot-like vessel with a long spout used to flush out

How to keep your house warm this winter

Stop warm air from leaking out and cold air from seeping in by making sure your doors and windows are properly insulated. Take a walk around your house both inside and outside looking for signs of

Traeger Timberline 850 is a seriously good, smart smoker

The grill's fire pot is where wood pellets are burned. It can collect ash quickly, though, so you'll need to clean it often. It can collect ash quickly, though, so you'll need to clean it often.

Photos: Concepts ready to go

Among the huge number of concept cars shown at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, many had platforms and engines already specified. We've put together a selection of concept cars ready for production.

Can You "Superinsulate" It?

The R-value measures how well insulation can keep heat from penetrating a structure, with a high R-value meaning more insulation. How much a building needs depends on the region and type of

In battle with squirrels, solar panels finally claim

Apparently, squirrels simply enjoy biting on the chewy insulation that wraps around the cables that connect the panels. It took a while, but replacing those cables got the panels back to full power.

Notre Dame Cathedral fire: Notre Dame was undergoing $6.8

The fire chief said they managed to save the main structure of the cathedral, but there remains a concern that interior structures will collapse. Adam Thiel, fire commissioner for the Philadelphia

Apple MacBooks at risk from flawed updates, Duo Security

Computers Apple computers are at risk from flawed updates, researchers find. Your Mac should be getting these patches automatically. But it may not be, and that could spell trouble.

Source: Attempts to hack DNC go back as far as July 2015

The initial attempts to hack the DNC and other Democratic Party groups go back as early as July of 2015, an individual familiar with the situation told CBS News. A group nicknamed Cozy Bear

How to watch the Indiana primaries

The four-day convention for fans of the Star Wars saga, held in Chicago, included cosplayers, panels with the filmmakers, and the debut of the trailer for Episode IX of the series Apr 13 39 photos